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The Living Nightmare--Sketch Story 4 by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

The Living Nightmare--Sketch Story 4 (critique requested)


Page 4 contains the first true vorishness. ^w^;

He isn't yet sure of what's going on. All he knows is the feel of smooth-scaled coils beginning to wrap about him and lift him into the air. He has a dreaded instinct about what is in store for him, which seems confirmed in his fear-drunk mind as the ram is raised to Spider's open jaws, fangs glinting and dripping with saliva.

The moment hovers. Spider knows what they're doing; their teeth close in on the ram.

^w^; Eheheh... dramatic climax, perhaps? Story-wise, I dig it. Being slightly cryptic is also quite fun. The clues to what happens in the next page are there, they're just very hidden and convoluted. >u<; Can't help it, I like hiding clues...

Also, coils fo' days! ^u^/

Also maw fo' days. OuO; Out of context, they look very relaxing and lovely.~