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The Living Nightmare--Sketch Story 3 by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

The Living Nightmare--Sketch Story 3 (critique requested)


The sketch story continues. Installment number three!

As Spider slowly realizes what the feeder wishes them to do, shock fades and is pushed aside by anger. The researcher, however, is largely unfazed by physical intimidation... and puts forward an ultimatum. Either the naga giant devours the quivering ram, or in an hour the feeder will return and transform the frightened creature into a carcass himself.

The feeder leaves, forcing the stunned giant to consider the options...

(The fourth page is where the vorishness kicks up... but this one has got some maw-ish things. ^w^; This being story-based means things are quite... eheh... dramatic and serious-ish. Not the happy-go-lucky "hello-NOM-I like ya! ^^" things I draw all the dang time. XD But rest assured, this is not too unlike the things I normally draw, just with a more extended story part.)