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Professional Elf Smuggler--B&W Short-Comic--4 by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Professional Elf Smuggler--B&W Short-Comic--4 (critique requested)


23 February 2016 at 19:58:39 MST

Elf guys sez: "Welp, there's a ton of acid in here..." (There is not actually a ton of acid in there. XD)
Elf guys sez: "I'm die! Nuuuuuu!" (Is not actually in any danger. XD)
Elf guy sez: "I'm all aloooone!" (Is anything but by hisself by the sheer nature of where... he... is... XD)

If this lil elf fella said the sky was blue, a tornado would come by and change it to green just to be sure that everything he thinks he knows is wrong. XD

And yes--page consisting of 100% internal views. X3 Because insides are nice and relaxing to draw...well, for me at least. ^^

More coming~ It's just taken a few weeks on and off to finish this page up. :D