Professional Elf Smuggler--B&W Short-Comic--3 by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Professional Elf Smuggler--B&W Short-Comic--3 (critique requested)


21 February 2016 at 13:09:36 MST

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Ah, this was a nice page. ^^ More challenging to add all the shades, but very good result.

The elven fellow is rather worried by this point. Things will start to seem suspiciously... non-threatening very soon, though. XD And n-no, I'm not sitting there smugly, getting a kick out of the wiggles as I slarp the guy, I would neeeeeeever..! X3

General Plot Introduction

Fae folk such as elves are seldom seen nowadays--they keep out of human reach with ease even in a shrinking wilderness. But one morning Spider realizes a strange and tiny figure is in their enclosure, which is anything but a natural wild. The staff are scarce... so far. Best to take charge, before it's too late! Spider wraps their tail about the dozing humanoid and pauses, anxious to see how they can solve this problem...