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The Grand Tour--Page 1 by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

The Grand Tour--Page 1 (critique requested)


21 August 2015 at 15:43:11 MDT

^////^ blushu

I'm finally done with one page. One. XD So this is the start of a silly fluffy and... for fair warning--NSFW... comic. Iypa and Nego take a long weekend togedder... ^^ Of course, it don't get naughty for many pages (like a normal relationship XD). There will also be ~VORE~, so if that's not yo' jam feel free to ignore that part. XD So for the most part this will be labeled up one, up to adult when that part comes. X3

This is also the most rigorous shading and lighting job I've done in a comic thusfar. So let me know how it looks, and what I can do to make it better. :D