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Hiding and Seeking--5 by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Hiding and Seeking--5 (critique requested)


:3 Another. Because yeeeeees. XD

So Ury's not longer schlooped roughly into Anik's stomach upside-down, on her head and is starting to try and figure out a way out of this situation. She's got no idea that she'd be totally fine inside her friend for quite a while... he's ornery, but he's not careless! XD

Bit of a Chekov's gun on display here, though. X3 I know not every vore-lover is fond of the lower goots. I happen to be quite a bit, but it's hard to find a legit story situation that I can try it out in. XD Let's just say Ury gets very determined to get out. Anik seems to be nodding off a bit here, which is probably a good thing.

i bet the tentacle massage feels purty gooooood x3