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Out of the Frying Pan... at Least the Fire's Cozy by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Out of the Frying Pan... at Least the Fire's Cozy (critique requested)


Gibbledy-gabbledy doodle comic ish thing (because doing thangs in the real world without a giant suitcase of paint and pencils requires PEN ACTION!!) . XD In ink pen like my firsts were... Well, I'd still do these but can't colorize them as easily and a pain in the booty to erase mistakes.


Little random vore story idea that pops into my head from time to time... Sére's a bit perv and flirt but also a good snakey fella... He's not out to scare anybody, especially not a delightful avian... he loves the avians. ^^ Unless they'd like to be scared. :| ^^'

So not really a vore comic sequence, but a near-vore. XD That little bird lass will probably end up being a recurring character.

P.S. It's hot as Tartarus in this house good gourd. ._. I need a little snake shade-hide thingie... a water basin... something. X3