Stereotype Woes (comicdoodle) by SpiderMilkshake

Stereotype Woes (comicdoodle)


9 August 2015 at 19:02:56 MDT

It's weird how stereotypes intersect. Snake stereotype=BAD WATCH OUT BITECHA GONNA GETCHA. Female stereotype=hit on 'er, creepily, it's all good. She's probably alright with it, and if she ain't it don't matter for she is of the boobéd sex. Ohmigosh, are those BOOBS??? CREEPY MODE ACTIVATED!

Then you get naga weirdness. Female nagas tend to default with all the "female stereotype bundle", while male ones get much more of the "snake stereotype bundle". It's almost hysterical.

Drakness don't find it hysterical. Nonsensical, mebbe, but no funny. Slapping rude humans with a tail--now that is a funny. :3

Don't ask what Mr. Rude's wall o' text contains--what you see here says enough. :P