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17 April 2015 at 18:03:24 MDT

"Karen, I don't think that's how you tag me in a post..."
"Nonsense! This is how I do it, hehehe~"

Just a stupid little class doodle turned colored after I decided it was good enough (and funny enough) to be submitted as a legit picture. Karen seems to be having a good time hanging many different tags from her hubby's face and shirt, wherever possible. Mishya doesn't seem to mind as he is bearing a pretty neutral expression. :p

The inspiration must have came from the numerous times I've been asked on why Mishya wears a tag over his eye and somehow turned to this. Most are confused as to why he wears it; calling it a price tag, more commonly as I have to point out he wears a [vintage] tag over his eye from another country. And in this picture I tried to make all the tags look uniquely different as well as more recognizable as luggage tags. Here's an album I compiled of the various tags I used as references to include in this picture.

And I tried to draw them out of uniform, or at least the undershirts they wear from the uniform because it didn't make much sense to dress them up in full uniform. It kind of makes them look like TSA agents dressed like this?

Mishya and Karen © SpetsnazKaz

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