My Little One by SpetsnazKaz

My Little One


17 April 2015 at 18:02:29 MDT

"I would have never expected these to get so small inside; how do the crafters do it?"

Mishya holds up a teeny matryoshka doll in confusion upon seeing how it is possible to craft something that size. The inspiration for this came from me derping around Youtube one day and finding this video at random. Or it could have stemmed from the fact that I found this vintage matryoshka doll at my mother's house around the time I drew this picture.

This was a challenging pose; not gonna lie because I must have made three prior sketches to make sure his hand looked just right. And I've tried to photograph myself doing this pose, since I had such trouble in the beginning to capture this pose from imagination alone. The closest I got to it was this, and I'm actually very proud of it mainly because I just about got it exactly I how I wanted. He looks almost real here and this is the look I am most proud of, being present in my other artworks.

I have to say I made a good choice in coloring this because like I was originally going to make this a strict pencil-only drawing. I'm glad I didn't do so. And I debated on whether I should draw him in his Aeroflot uniform; I said no, as the choice was easy. I wanted to add color to the piece so I drew him in his KGB uniform. The blue looks really nice on him and added the double-emblem on his hat like his Aeroflot uniform to up the complexity and because I'm so use to drawing those by now.

Speaking of complexity, I drew him [i]without[/a] gloves as I felt like drawing his lovely anthro paw-hand. The glove would have made this whole thing too easy and I didn't want that as I progressed. And if I had to choose a favorite detail, it has to be the fur because I made it look realistically pretty. :3

Done with colored pencils and [some] crayon, as to enhance the colors.
And I suggest viewing this same picture on Deviantart if you want to see the full resolution to show all the details.

Mishya © SpetsnazKaz

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