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Us Three Red Angels by SpetsnazKaz (critique requested)

Us Three Red Angels (critique requested)


24 November 2014 at 11:55:40 MST

Нама Три красный Ангелы - Us Three Red Angels

♬ Полюшко, поле,
полюшко, широко поле…
Едут, эх, по полю герои,
эх, да Pyсckой Армии герои.

Девушки плачут,
девушкам сегодня грустно.
Милый да в армию уехал,
эх, да милый в армию уехал.

What's in the mind of a soldier
when he is riding to war
Saying farewell to his loved ones
He might not see any more

Evil and blind is his courage
precious but worthless his life
Maybe he'll meet with his black crow
The ultimate end of his strife ♬

Helmut Lotti - Polyushko Polye - 1993
(I really like his version because it's half in English and Russian)

MOSCOW, RUSSIA; NOVEMBER 7, 1941 - The coming of winter is near, and colder weather isn't the only thing striking Russia. Over the horizon came the onslaught of German tanks and soldiers, coming at us faster each and every day. The battle for territory was fierce and had lost much of it to the Nazi menace. Just a month ago, we lost our two great manufacturing cities, Smolensk and Tula. Our boys are trying to hold them off at Stalingrad just before the Volga. Much of our command has been flanked in the defense, so we have a severe lack of leadership. We were backed into a corner upon seeing the Nazis entering Moscow. There was no other choice but to tap into our reserve armies and storm the front with all we got. Our Western allies aided the assistance in giving us weapons, tanks, and Studebaker trucks. We paraded through Red Square in honor of the Allies just before entering the front. There was no turning back now. Nothing will stop us from taking back what is rightfully ours.

Another ridiculously late picture to commemorate the start of the Soviet defensive of November 1941. From right to left, we have Larissa, Mishya, and Valentina dressed in full honor as they march on Red Square to honor this crucial battle in history. Behind them are popular symbols such as the St. George's ribbon and Great Patriotic War medal. The three are bearing their winter uniforms to represent the coming of the harsh Russian winter that gave their soldiers the advantage. Larissa is carrying a short sword, which high-ranking officers used on the battlefield. She keeps it by her side at all times, as well as the other two. And in case you are wondering/don't know, Larissa is wearing a Soviet Air Force uniform, Mishya has a KGB Guard's, and Valentina, an MVD uniform. Notice how their hat emblems are different from each other and you will see.


Larissa, Mishya, and Valentina © SpetsnazKaz

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