Dia de los Rojos by SpetsnazKaz (critique requested)

Dia de los Rojos (critique requested)


24 November 2014 at 11:54:32 MST

Día de los Rojos - Day of the Reds

♬ There's a chill in the air (chill in the air)
You hear a creak on the stairs
(Creak on the stairs)
You gotta lock all your doors
(Lock all your doors)
Is there anybody out

There're out to get you
To capture you and make you, spellbound
Howling and prowling
You're shivering, quivering, spellbound

You cannot run
And you cannot hide
Yeah, you gotta face it, baby
Things go bump in the night
Wherever you run
And wherever you hide
Yeah, you gotta face it, baby
Things go bump, bump, bump in the night ♬

Allstars - Things go Bump in the Night - 2001

"Can't we be friends for one night out of the year to share in a festival fit for grace?"

'Twas the mid-morning night and all throughout the land the people were silent. Thousands of candles set ablaze the deep black landscape all around. A sudden burst of energy awoke the great spirits of the dead to come celebrate with us in our yearly ritual. We could feel their strong presence emerging within us. From the midst of the night, came songs, dances, and music from our countrymen to take part in welcoming our passed ancestors back home. From within this joyous celebration came the two fire gods who came from far away, attracted by the sweet flame of the night, taking on a humble appearance of mortal beings. We felt the great warming power of the duo as they welcomed us with open arms and graced us their presence. They knew death more than anyone else and kept it as their little secret through the years, and the few who knew what they've been through, can truly indulge in their loving warmth, and be worthy of the gods to walk amongst the living and the dead. In my greatest honor, we shall pierce the night with our song and pay our respects the fragile boundary between life and death.

Yes I know this is pretty fucking late, but this was the best opportunity I could post this (because my personal life was up my ass all month). Aside from that, behold this wonderfully drawn picture to commemorate Day of the Dead with Valentina and Mishya. The two decide to put aside their differences and travel far away together to celebrate the great feast to honor the dead and living alike. This piece meant to symbolize the blending of cultures in a way, as the two dress in their normal uniforms for the occassion. Death never discriminates, as this would be a clear theme depicted in this piece. The two wear ornate skull masks decorated in the colors of their nations (Brazil- green, yellow, blue; Russia- white, blue, red) taking on the popular look of sugar skulls around this time. They also wear gloves with this pattern, as only Mishya's can be seen. Above all, I put a lot of time, effort, and imagination into this piece, as I wanted to make something truly breathtaking for this incredible holiday. The color scheme of the piece really speaks, hoping to capture the viewer within its warmth and grace.

Also, take a good look at Mishya... notice anything different? ;3

Mishya and Valentina © SpetsnazKaz

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