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Voted Best Couple of 1985 by SpetsnazKaz (critique requested)

Voted Best Couple of 1985 (critique requested)


4 September 2014 at 12:15:25 MDT

Anyone remember these two?

Yes, I know, I haven't been [posting] much of them lately, but it doesn't mean they're not important characters. I have other pictures of them, but they're mostly unfinished. Expect more art of them to be coming soon.

Here's another bored in class drawing I did yesterday, but this time of David and Regina. I was thinking about them for some reason... maybe because they were a break from my usual Kaz art, I don't really know. But I just had to draw this, to show that they're still relevant to me, 'cause I had fun with this. A bit more complex than my drawing of Larissa the day before, I'm proud of the result, considering I had more time. Especially focusing on their expressions. And my phone stayed on today, so I could look up DDR uniforms.

I thought this was some cute, lovey-dovey art I felt like sharing with you, as it cheered me up for the time being. And I like how it looks almost like an old-school photograph with the black and white. Let's just say they were taking selfies before they were cool.

Don't they make a great evil couple?

David Victoria and Regina Esselberg © SpetsnazKaz

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