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Sunset over the East by SpetsnazKaz

Sunset over the East


2 September 2014 at 20:38:19 MDT

UPDATED - Used a photo filter to get it to look as close to its original colors!

Закат на Востоке - Sunset over the East

After I made the Aeroflot pilot uniform for Mishya, I realized that he had a unique detail: his luggage tag eyepatch. So I wanted to show that off in the form of a headshot. Because I'm just a sucker for realism and I wanted to do this so bad. And I've also taken advantage of other small details in this such as his hat badge, tie, and lapel pin! :D

In Mishya's modern career, he works as a pilot for Aeroflot, not surprisingly with his sister. Both are unique to the business of aviation as it is a rapidly increasing form of transport in this day and age. A pretty calm career for an overworked soldier like him~

Also, I've managed to nail some sweet lighting effects too. You could use your imagination and see him in front of a poster, window, or out on the tarmac hefore boarding his plane.

My best icon to date.

Mishya Kaz © SpetsnazKaz

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