Angels of the Black Sea by SpetsnazKaz

Angels of the Black Sea


10 August 2014 at 20:52:32 MDT

Ангелами Чёрного Mоря - Angels of the Black Sea

♬ Everybody, listen to me
And return me my ship
I'm your captain, I'm your captain
Though I'm feeling mighty sick

I've been lost now for days uncounted
And it's months since I've seen home
Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
Or am I all alone?

If you return me to my home port
I will kiss you, Mother Earth
Take me back now, take me back now
To the port of my birth

Am I in my cabin dreaming?
Or are you really scheming
To take my ship away from me?
You'd better think about it
I just can't live without it
So please don't take my ship from me
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♬

Grand Funk Railroad - Closer to My Home - 1974

Just a [belated] picture I drew back in July to celebrate Russia's Navy Day. It falls on the last Sunday of July, so there's no specific date. Here we have Mishya and his wife Karen standing atop a ship, overlooking the Black Sea. The ship's name is Krasnodon, just like Mishya's true last name. Also the name of a Soviet freighter. But these two look so cute in their navy uniforms~ x3

Yes, I know the perspective's kind of awkward, but it came out better than I anticipated it to be at least. Especially how I did the sky and clouds, because it looks really vivid and near-realistic. And the four flags hanging over the bars are historical national and naval ensigns used by Russia and the Soviet Union. Russians still hang these flags over their ships when celebrating the day of the VMF.

I added a unique little signature to this one if you can see it~

Mishya and Karen © SpetsnazKaz

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