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Soldier of the Russian Sun by SpetsnazKaz (critique requested)

Soldier of the Russian Sun (critique requested)


Солдат Российской Солнца - Soldier of the Russian Sun

День Победы молитве - Ру
Мы гордый народ
Молитва для нашей любимой Родины
Дом, который наши предки обещал нам
Много лет назад

Для тех, кто умер для нашего народа;
Хранение из поколения безопасной
Что хорошего в этом мире
Воскреснут вперед и преобладают

Как каждый день
Заполняется с воспоминаниями
Из отважных предков
Кто боролся и погиб на наше дело

Матери Россия, то пожалуйста добросердечны
Ибо мы ваши дети
Давайте быть сильной, когда вред приходит наш путь
Как мы будем стоять вместе
Никогда не сталкиваются в одиночку

Victory Day Prayer - EN
We are a proud people
Praying for our beloved Motherland
The home that our forefathers promised to us
Many years ago

For those who died for our nation;
Keeping out generation safe
What good in this world
Shall rise forth and prevail

As each and every day
Shall be filled with memories
Of brave ancestors
Who fought and died for our cause

Mother Russia, please be kind
For we are your children
Let us be strong whenever harm comes our way
As we will stand together
Never facing it alone

Lest we forget~

A proud Mishya stands upon Red Square amidst the rising sun with you. He is dressed in full military decorum (KGB) as he waits for the crack of seven. This is the time the jets fly from their base to begin the parade. He carries on his back an AK-74 rifle and naval sword to pledge allegiance to these brave servicemen. A quick glint of the sword from its sheath signaled the daylight to come forth. The sword he wields is cast a solid gold plate, brightly gleaming against the sunbeams. As the clock tower struck seven, the planes flew overhead. Their paths were in the colors of the Russian flag. Mishya saluted them as he turned to you, the photographer, to capture him posing amidst the daybreak.

As a dedication to all the brave soldiers of the Eastern Front, we thank you for giving your lives in the name of the Motherland.

I was kind of depressed when I was working on this (and motivating myself to finally post it). Please disregard the mistakes I made, as there are plenty to speak of, as I clearly was not in the best of moods.

Based on an older drawing:

Mishya Kaz © SpetsnazKaz
Also, I hid my signature in this one too, try to find it~ ;)

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