Head of Moscow by SpetsnazKaz

Head of Moscow


10 March 2014 at 15:50:56 MDT


-Darker lines (buildings in background, window pane, dresser, etc.
-[Better] detailed curtains (added tassels, drapes, etc.
-Some new badges (KGB serviceman patch, Red Army Excellence badge, Komosol pin)
-New and improved hat (Darker shade and added KGB emblem badge atop)


-Initial change to left hand shape/structure
(This needed to be done urgently)

♬ Moscow, Queen of the Russian land.
Built like a rock to stand.
Proud and divine.
Moscow, your golden towers glow,
Even through ice and snow.
Sparkling, they shine.

And every night, night, night there is music
Oh every night, night, night there is love,
And every night, night, night there is laughter.
Here's to you, brother, hey, brother ho.

Hey, hey, hey
Moscow, Moscow,
Throw your glasses at the wall,
Fame and fortune to us all, ho, ho, ho, hey
Moscow, Moscow, join us for a casatchok.
We'll be dancing 'round the clock ha, ha, ha hey
Moscow, Moscow
Drinking vodka all night long,
Keeps you happy, makes you strong ho, ho, ho hey.
Moscow, Moscow,
Come and have a drink again,
You will never leave again. Ha, Ha, Ha ♬

Dchinghis Khan- Moskau- 1975

(About the Picture)
A(n) [old] sketch of my beloved Mishya sitting upon a dresser in his Moscow apartment overlooking Red Square emblazoned in his KGB uniform along with his fancy parade AK-74 rifle.

Having been a KGB agent, Mishya lived and worked in the bustling streets of Moscow, despite being from the distant city of Nizhniy Novogorod (formerly Gorkiy). Around the height of Soviet power, (circa 1976, represented) Moscow was at the height of political, ecomomic, and cultural progress. Although the West was mostly concerned with Soviet influence at this time, Mishya was assured by his peers that "everything is just fine." Meant as a commemorative to the 450 years of St. Basil's history.

(The process)
This was my greatest achievement during my holiday (considering the fact that this was being done around Christmastime). Many rough sketches were made (about 4) until arriving at this particular version. I drew this in a span of three nights (about 8 hours total on all sketches). Being strong in sketches, I see some flaws looking upon this picture today.

  • Size/positioning of hat on head
  • Length/width of uniform (considering the fact that Kaz is tall and skinny [6'3])
  • Size of head in comparison to the body.
  • Size of ears in comparison to the head.

Scan is odd, may rescan later.

Old drawing; date [began] unknown.
Finished December 24, 2013

Thank you for helping me improve! :)

Mishya Kaz © SpetsnazKaz

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