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on 29 April 2015 at 15:09:42 MDT

By commissioning me, you recognize and agree to the following terms.
(Everything listed is subject to change, please check back for updates regularly!)

General Information

*I retain the right to refuse any commission.

*You will NOT receive your commission until full payment is received.

*Credit must always be linked back to my dA profile when posting the art, inside or out of dA.

*Removal of my signature is NOT permitted under any circumstance.

*Edits are free up to the colored phase.

*You are allowed 2 FREE minor edits per piece after completion. Any edits after will cost $5. Major edits cost $7+ depending on the complexity.

*I do NOT work with deadlines

*I work with multiple references obtained from free stock images to refine anatomy. If you do not agree with this process, I may ask that you find a different artist suited to your needs.

(Note: Tracing and Referencing are two TOTALLY different things.)


*Payment is preferred upfront. However, I may negotiate this term to half payment upfront and the other half when completed, just let me know.

*Payment will always be Paypal preferred. DA points are a maybe. And outside game items are not accepted. Checks, Snailmail, and Cash are also not accepted.

*Failure to pay for the piece in full when completed will result in the art being resold as a premade and your name blacklisted on my profile. Depending on the situation, I may dock your refund for an inconvenience fee.

*I will do large order discounts. However, if you try and haggle my set prices, I will refuse to do any art for you. Telling an artist their prices aren't worth it hurts more than you can ever understand.

*Do NOT send payment without my go ahead. Any payment sent without my permission will be immediately refunded and you will be accountable for the fee.


*I retain the right to fully refund a commissioner if I am unable/no longer willing to complete your commission.

*Refunds will only be given before completion. If you are unhappy with the way a sketch, lineart or flat color looks, PLEASE tell me before I finish to save us both the trouble. I am not to be held accountable for your lack of communication.

*Unless I'm at fault for the refund (taking too long, neglecting commissions, ect), I will dock the refund for a inconvenience fee.
*Full refunds will always be given to people who have waited for art 6 months or longer.

*If you rush me, pester me, or harass me about your commission, I retain the right to refuse your commission and refund you.

Art Content

I am most comfortable drawing:

Canines, Felines, Bears and most fuzzy animals

I will draw:

Horses, Birds, Dragons, Gryphons, Winged Animal Charas, Blood & Gore, ect

I might draw:

Werewolves, anthros, ect

I will NOT draw:

Humans, Sexual Art, Fetishes, Hate art


*Please be specific what type of commission you want.

*Clear and well colored references are required unless i'm designing the character. Real life COLORED photos are also accepted, but there may be an extra cost for complicated designs. Photos MUST be clear and easy to reference from.
Monotoned NOT accepted unless used for pose reference ONLY.

*I do not work with description references, sorry!

*Websites are highly recommended! If you don't have a website, please take the time to describe the character's personality so that I can try to include character traits.

*PLEASE provide me with your desired pose references. If none is given, I will assume artistic freedom and I will not be held accountable for your lack of communication.


*Trades will only be accepted by those I feel can give as much as I give in terms of art ability.

*Trades do NOT have priority on my to do list. They get done when I have time for them.

*If you post your trade before I finish yours, I will not be held accountable for how long it takes to return the trade. I recommend not posting it until I have my side ready.

*Trades will most likely NOT be posted until I receive your side. If my trade goes more than a year without a returned trade, I will clear the character and post the piece up for sale as a premade.

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