Ian Timeline by SpartaDog

Ian Timeline


13 February 2014 at 19:17:14 MST

Ian might be my favorite OC ever. Scott suggested I do a timeline of all the changes he's been through.

  • High School: Age 17 - 18. Dating Andy, already kicked out of his parents', living with Matt and Amy. Andy dies during senior year
  • Switchblade: Age 18/19 - 25. Living on the street, occasionally crashing with Matt and Amy. Isolating himself from people as much as possible. Killing murderers and rapists on the street. Very little care for his own wellbeing.
  • After meeting Dick: Age 24. Visibly tired and cynical, additional stress from Dick exposing him more and more, a bit underweight
  • Prison 1: Age 24. Often the target of attacks. Takes a beating but can hold his own often enough. Maintains his attitude. Doesn't have the opportunity to eat as much or as often as he should.
  • Living with Dick: Age 24. Shaved head during a triggered episode. Still not eating regularly, not sleeping well either, but doing better than while in prison. Slightly paler for not going outside much.
  • Prison 2: Age 25. Emotionally, physically, and sexually abused almost daily for months. Very little sleep and food (beyond what Leo forced him to eat). Lost most of his color. In a state of perpetual fear.
  • Suicide watch: Age 25. Tired, drained, completely given up. Goes between apathy and intense crying.
  • Living with Jay: Age 25. Back to health remarkably quickly, eating and sleeping more regularly, still has depressive and triggered episodes but is generally happier.
  • Edge: Age 25. New alias since Switchblade is supposed to be dead. Working as Jay's right hand rather than independently.
  • Regrown hair: Age 26. Mental health improving greatly. Tries growing his hair out again, but is triggered quickly and shaves it off again. Back to a relatively normal weight and sleep schedule.
  • Honorary Batfam: Hypothetical, hasn't actually happened yet. Could also be him stealing Dick's mask for...various purposes lol

Ian, art (c) me

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