Sunshine by Sparra



16 January 2014 at 23:36:58 MST

Nothing quite like taking a nice snooze out in the open as the sun's setting... The sun is nice and warm and once things get dark it gets pleasantly cool with just a bit of wind. Living in the mountains has issues sometimes (especially with crusading "heroes" out to make a name for themselves off of my heads), but days and evenings like this make it quite worth it.

Despite what people may think, all the heads are still controlled by one real "mind." In fact, the brains in the heads are pretty small, just enough to process the world via sight/sound/taste along with their own distinct view of the world. The main brain (or core brain if you prefer) is actually located in his torso, surrounded by his vital organs (it's still encased in a skull though). So even if Rook loses a head or two nothing of any real value was lost, and in about 30 seconds the head grows back anyway (Rook will always have 6 heads, no more, no less). When rook sleeps, his heads take "turns" being awake, with the other 5 heads sleeping. You can actually hold a simple conversation with the awake head, however it will be heavily bias toward it's personality, and if you start asking complex questions or bothering him too much he WILL wake up fully (and not be happy about it).

If there's a dispute between the heads on who gets what shift, they draw straws. This is Rook's default reaction whenever there's a conflict between which head gets the least appealing option, and it's worked out so far...

Art by Henzy (

Character by Sparra

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