Project WiP #4 by Sparkyopteryx

Project WiP #4


3 April 2015 at 13:52:38 MDT

More progress on this project, and this time I bothered to scan it! Even after working on it off and on all week, this is all I’ve gotten done on it. It’s going faster than I predicted I admit, but still so much slower and more deliberate than I’m used to.

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    Ah, stippling. I used to do lots of it.

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    Man, that's dedication. Takes forever! You are getting great results!

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    This is amazing.

    What's interesting about your unfinished work is that, in the thumbnails, they can look entirely different from what's actually there.

    I saw an eyeless bird with its mouth open-- and kind of loved the idea of it regurgitating a cat's head when I saw the full sketch. I know it won't be that, and it doesn't have to be, but my point is: the depth of your work has so much organic flow to it that, even if I'm seeing something different from what it actually is, it still looks amazing.

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      I quite agree with your observations actually, that's why I love seeing other artist's half-finished work or progress shots, the entire meaning and attitude changes drastically through the process!

      That imagery...I can actually visualize it now that you mention it. Thank you kindly for your insights, I love to hear that sort of thing regarding my work! It also makes me want to draw a surrealist piece with those elements in it, hah.