Gobraga Vet by Sparkyopteryx

Gobraga Vet


26 January 2015 at 13:49:10 MST

Not sure if I'll be posting all of my Goblin Week pieces outside of Tumblr, but this one especially has investment in my continued worldbuilding and development of Alteir, so here you go!

The subrace of mountain goblins are some of the largest and toughest of their collective species; they stand well over four feet, sometimes exceeding five, and their dense, rubbery hides are peppered with calcified deposits, giving them excellent natural armor. All of these traits trace closely back to their shared ancestry with trolls, moreso than other goblin subraces. They’re especially common in the southern rugged region of Cryllt known as Obderium where they have found gainful employment in Obderium’s militarized stratocracy.

Goblins over the past five decades have enjoyed an up-sweep in acceptance in various nations around Alteir by finding clever ways to be helpful and useful in various niches and fringes in civilization, but none are more successful than the mountain and cave goblins of Obderium. With their hearty constitutions and (relative) intelligence, they have become an integral part of many mercenary regiments. It isn’t uncommon now to see decorated detatchments made almost entirely out of mountain goblin infantry.

The most notable of these special operation forces are the Gobraga, goblins that specialize in the use of infiltration, overland recon, well-placed explosives and a shared understanding of how things burn. “Gobraga” comes from a corruption of the Demellian word rahz’raga which means “to set alight.” Much of their equipment and weaponry is skillfully put together with found or recycled materials; although it is not necessary for a Gobraga recruit to always make their gear, it is considered a point of pride to do so anyway.

This vet looks to have seen more than a few years of active duty. It is not uncommon to see officers missing various bits and pieces of themselves. Patterned ear ticking is the most common way for goblin mercs to denote rank and years of service; this guy has three ticks on each ear and symmetrical at that, meaning he’d be equivalent to a scout captain.

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