~Trade~ The Organist's Heart by Sparkyopteryx

~Trade~ The Organist's Heart


19 January 2015 at 14:57:52 MST

First finished piece of 2015, and first trade in the batch for dma who requested me do an illustrative interpretation of a fairy tale he wrote. There were a lot of great ones, but I settled on the one entitled The Organist's Heart. It's hard to make a synopsis of something as profound and ethereal as a fairy tale, but this one hit all the right "sweeping fantasy quest" chords with me and I couldn't resist. Picture it as a cover illustration of sorts.

Edit: Here is the accompanying story. Go read it, it's well worth it!

His amazing half! For those that don't pay attention to Collections.

Done on 8.5x11 pen sketch paper with Staedtler pigment liners.

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Visual / Traditional


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    I've already pointed out all of the things that I like best, but I wanted to comment anyway because of how cool this turned out.

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    Again, let me say thank you, and add once more that this is just absolutely perfect. I love it.

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    The perspective and all the long vertical lines remind me of Aetherium. Your linework is incredible.

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      Yeah, I noticed that similarity shortly after I finished it. I suppose I have a thing for sweeping, extreme upwards perspectives; seems to be one of the best ways to convey grandeur and a sense of indomitably.

      ...Or it could be a byproduct due to the fact that I'm shorter than most people. One or the other.

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    This is fabulous !...