Argentum Rings by Sparkyopteryx

Argentum Rings


14 November 2014 at 16:08:40 MST

A crisp night sitting at the pier looks like it will pass uneventfully, until you catch a glimpse of light playing upon the water next to you, its surface rippling and warping like a mirror possessed. She moves unerringly closer to you before stopping nearby, returning your stare with an eyeless, curious gaze.

'Net was down for half the day so I couldn't work on commissions like I wanted to, so in trying to keep with the spirit of last month I ran with the first solid idea that came to me. I don't ever want to pass up an opportunity to practice water effects because there are only a handful of things out there as beautiful and otherworldly as the physics of water. I have all this awesome colored paper that I've barely used but I'm making efforts to do things with now. I had to make myself stop when it was finished otherwise I definitely would have overworked it. Remember that melusine I made for one of my Inktobers? Yeah, she decided to make another appearance.

Done with Staedtler pigment liners, colored pencils and white gel pen on Canson Mi Tientes colored paper. Character and art belongs to myself.

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    Goddamn, this is some amazing work.

    At first I mistook the ripples as depth, but they compress nicely and there's gorgeous movement implied. Amazing, amazing lighting on it.

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      I can be somewhat thankful in that even though I didn't have internet most of the day to look up references, I had already saved a few good ones of water effects beforehand, otherwise I may not have been able to fully pull it off! Water is damn hard but so much fun to draw at the same time. Many thanks!

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    It's so gorgeous I just HNNNNNNNNNNNNGHHHHH

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    Oh man, this is crazy impressive... wonderful work! It definitely feels super otherworldly, but still rooted in solid reality by the realism of the water effects- the two together make it quite powerful.

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      Thank you! What you describe about reality meshing with the supernatural is actually what I try to nail with a lot of my art; my style and inspiration seem to hover between the two constantly.

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        Oh, awesome! Well, I look forward to seeing what further you produce in that vein.