Black Dr. Tozoletum initial development by Sparkyopteryx

Black Dr. Tozoletum initial development


13 November 2014 at 19:58:15 MST

Looks like I finally got up enough gumption to finish that last little bit and compile all four of these first pages. Since I noticed "Vet for the Insane" ended up being pretty popular, I figured I'd at least show more of this guy. As you can see from the dates, pretty much all of these were more or less finished back in June save for one of the sketches at the bottom (yeah I'm pretty pathetic). I'm sorry this file is so damn tall but unless I want to shrink all of the component sheets till you can't read them, you'll just have to deal and fullview.

As I mentioned in previous submissions regarding him and the Black Doctors, he is a veteran of the politically-laden and controversial Torn Wars, a conflict that resulted in a vast swath of the kingdom known as Savyan to become fallow and tainted from manufactured plague and alchemical weaponry created by his very organization. More details in this submission here.

Development and character tidbits:
~Doctor Tozoletum here is a rare but imposing form of tengu; normally this race has more humanoid features but their genetics are wonderfully varied and sometimes result in more extreme avian features like him.
~I've mentioned the "arcane mirror effect," in which physiology and other underlying genetic mutations are influenced from the tightly linked cycle of magic and the manasphere, resulting in certain kinds of humanoids and monstrous creatures like tengu to occasionally exhibit strong similarities to non-magical beasts and animals, which is why he looks very akin to a Bearded Vulture.
~Tozoletum is a bit of an iconoclast in the Society; his tengu pride keeps him from getting along with superiors that are not as long-standing as a veteran like him and his absolute intolerance for even a hint of hesitation or incompetency from his colleagues means he doesn't get along with a majority of the staff. Instead he opted to become a "transient doctor" where he travels the length and breadth of Alteir in a magi-mechanical wagon with his assistant, the harpy Solphanae.

~For his brilliant mind, Tozzie here is also plagued with some unfortunate problems with his psyche. When he traveled to the Dark Continent years ago he came back as a spirit medium and has been haunted with whisperings and voices from beyond the Veil ever since.
~Also acquired that prosthetic beak in the Dark Continent after a werewolf lord ripped off half his face. Dr. Leta was the one that engineered and made the replacement.
~Not to say he was a stable individual even before that; the Doctor has always had an uncomfortable problem akin to a "Jekyl/Hyde" complex in which the (somewhat) more compassionate side of his personality takes turns at unpredictable intervals. The untimely passing of a patient isn't always fully an accident.

Alright then, that'd be a proper intro to him finally. I could have covered a bunch more but I figure if anyone is curious, you can throw questions at me! I'm always happy to answer. I'm working on several projects and now a handful of commissions so this'll probably have to tide you guys over until I can get more work finished. Art and the headworld Alteir belong to myself while the character belongs to mistermidnight.

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    Cheers for Tozzie, he's always a blast no matter what capacity we're involved with. I love everything about his design, but you already knew that.

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      One other thing: Tozzie looks gangly and frail but possesses the frightening and unnatural strength of Tengu.