Inktober #31: The Lich by Sparkyopteryx

Inktober #31: The Lich


31 October 2014 at 15:38:05 MDT

Looks like the owner of this little guy finally decided to make an appearance!

Wanted to draw a lich that's a little more nonstandard in appearance than a lot of what you see in the RPG community, especially since most liches you see portrayed are usually male. I'm so making her a lore character in Alteir now...

Busted my butt to get this done and submitted in time for Hallowe'en but now that I'm done, I have to run and get everything ready for this evening; I'll respond to all comments and notes tomorrow when business resumes as usual.

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    Yes! An excellent way to finish off Inktober, I love this. Absolutely gorgeous (for a Lich), and I love how you did the eyes.

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      Thank you dear! Yes, this was an undertaking and it took a while to sketch and ink but I couldn't just have something simple or slipshod for the last day (and Hallowe'en at that). And for anyone that wants/needs advice on drawing hands, I ended up using a photo of my own hand holding my oak staff for reference because I was having so much trouble and look how good that ended up coming out!

      Also actually used damn skeleton references from my book for this and it came out so much better; I really need to do that more when I'm drawing Whitby as well.

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        Yes! To all of it! But especially that last bit.

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    What a lovely lich you've brought to us!

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      We need more equal representation of horrific undead archmages around here!

      You're actually not the first to mention that she's pretty. I guess it must be so then!

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        I agree, there needs to be more equal opportunity representation among the living dead! And I wonder what that says about us that we find her so lovely, haha...

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          It says that you and others find beauty in the macabre and see things beyond what others do not, which is a great way to be if you ask me.

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            Well when you put it like that, I suppose it does sound like a great way to be! :D