Inktober #12: "Routine maintenance... by Sparkyopteryx

Inktober #12: "Routine maintenance...


12 October 2014 at 19:16:25 MDT

...will always result in a routine complication." ~Lady Absinthe.

I think the only thing sadder than me not drawing her for so long is that I've never actually drawn her doing the sorts of things she actually...does. At-a-glance from all of the previous art I've done of my character Absinthe over the years yields little insight into the fact that she is a twisted and brilliant necromancer and mad scientist (of course if you've actually read what little I've posted of the story "Uncanny Hosts" you know more). Inktober I think is the best opportunity to rectify this slight.

I tried to make it look a bit "old school pulp graphic novel" but whether I accomplished that or not remains to be seen but regardless, I love how this came out and is one of my favorites for this month so far, even considering the errors I see.

Done in my moleskine with pigment liners and felt pen. Character is the intellectual property of myself.

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    This is so awesome. The deadly Lady Absinthe and the fearsome automaton Zemourbourg just had to make an appearance for Inktober and I am so very pleased to see they did! There are so many wonderful little details to this, they just keep getting better and better! Love her outfit, and love the runes on the inside of his cranium.

    I could totally see this in a Shadowrun book myself.

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      I know right?! I love crazy labs and the Dr. Frankenstein archetype but never have I drawn an image relating to it. Even more appalling is that for years I've had a character that fits the bill and yet I've not once drawn her in such a situation. Oh this one was so much fun I want to do more of these...

      Yeah, but it fits perfectly in the canon story she's in just fine. Could you imagine this as an interior illustration in the story I'm writing? Because I could.

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        You really should do more of these. I would wait with the eagerness that befits the terrible abomination waiting to break free from its prison.

        I could, I really could. A book on your version of Faerie would work too, considering that your take on the Unseen Folk is more complex than some. But most definitely for the story she's in.

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          It's not Igor it's EYEGOR.

          I really need to. While making this one I also had the mind to draw Topaz working on a thing (since she suffers just like Absinthe in that I don't actually draw her doing actual things hah). But I'm trying to keep from getting too complex because as much as I've had so much fun with this Inktober, it's eating up all of my time (I work too slowly). If I could try to get the motivation to work on stuff as I get the mind to, perhaps I can round out my repertoire with more scene-based stuff like this.

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            Well at least you can say that this Inktober project has taught you something valuable. Perhaps also a goal to try and attain yes?