Inktober #2: Madame Ringleader by Sparkyopteryx

Inktober #2: Madame Ringleader


3 October 2014 at 14:21:46 MDT

Second installment in my Inktober drawings, sadly finished rather late because I found a piece like this might have been too ambitious for a single day. I actually got 80% of it done yesterday before I crapped out at 11 pm, so I was close. I did another for today too though so I'm caught up!

A character that has had a ton of development and work put into her but sadly has not been drawn until now. I got her design from the wonderful artist heresy-darling on FA during a character design trade on the group FAExchange. So here she is on my gallery finally, Madame "Ruby" Rysehena, leader of the Gilded Phantasia Sideshow. Pose referenced from this stock image:

Beautiful fantasy lady? Check. Burlesque finery? Check. All done up in Art Noveau? Check. Yep, sounds perfect to me.

Done on smooth bristol with Staedtler pigment liners and a sepia felt tip Micron pen. Character belongs to myself.

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    Wonderful design and drawing...makes me want to see a full color version (not digital)

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    I adore this so much!

    So much so: "fukken save'd"

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    This is SO good. Like. THE BEST

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    Your detailing never disappoints!

    Absolutely loving this!

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    Aw, nice, that decorative backdrop looks just fantastic with everything else!

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      It looked far too plain without the bit of free-form embellishment I admit. Took me a bit longer to finish but I think was worth it.