Polaris Dance by Sparkyopteryx

Polaris Dance


19 September 2014 at 11:18:05 MDT

I finished this back on Wednesday but since the middle of the week is my "weekend" I wasn't around to submit it until today. If you've been keeping tabs on my progress shots, you'll know I've been picking at this verrrryyy slloooowwly over the past month and a half in between some other works (multitasking like a pro!).

I still don't know whether I like it or not. I'm immensely pleased with my rendering of the details, how I handled the media and of course how the subjects themselves came out but I'm bothered about problems here and there regarding the piece overall, especially the lighting. Pfhah, whatever; I'll chalk it up as both a success and failure and move on. I'm just happy I drew dragons.

Done on heavy Aquabee sketch paper with graphite pencils, Derwent Coloursoft pencils and blending stick. Not sure how long it took overall, but it was worked on here and there in chunks while the significant other played Dark Souls. Characters belong to myself and MisterMidnight

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    Favorited for Dragnons. Plus all of my comments on DA.

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    Two elegant dragons, inseparable in their mutual sublime sweeps of chaos.

    I dare say, you draw dragons very well. They manage to instill this imperious air of pride and disdain you would imagine dragons to have; especially the green one, he seems so stoic, as it he was a statue of emerald, but in fact he's just a dragon, too grand to be concerned by mortal whims. No?
    Wonderful, I am glad I stumbled upon this c: