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Quinrothee Reference by Sparkyopteryx

Quinrothee Reference


Reformatting some of my older existing entries in the "Character" tab, which is resulting in me uploading older references for some of these characters, which is why I'm not updating anyone on these. PAY NO ATTENTION. Or do, for those new watchers that have never seen them.

~Virrg live primarily in the primordial forests known as vere (pronounce as VAIR-ay). These forests are characterized by trees the size of city skyscrapers, along with other types of oversized macroflora and fauna. This is mainly as a result of an area being absolutely soaked with natural magic. This along with normal evolution creates an astounding amount of biodiversity in a region.

~Virrg are the only hominid dragon variety that cannot truly fly. Their frill spines are highly mobile though, and they use these to ride air currents and glide long distances.

~ Another main mode of transportation for them is their ability to climb; dexterous hands and feet, double-jointed knees and a uniquely adapted tail all aid the Virrg in getting around their forest homes.

~Mainly subsists on a diet of eggs, large reptiles, freshwater crustaceans and other hard-shelled prey such as snapping turtles and armored snakes.

~Like all true dragons, Virrg have breath weapons. This comes in the form of a superheated jet of steam that issue their mouths; along with the obvious painful side-effects, they also use this to disorient opponents as they make a quick getaway.

~They have excellent hearing and night vision, but a rather poor sense of smell. They have an acute sense of taste on the spade-shaped tip of their tongue, however.

~Scales are very hard and always have a metallic sheen; individual Virrg possess a wide range of variety in the hue and shade of green on their scales.

~The red-brown pattern on the edge of their "wings" deepen and spread along the entire membrane during Fall.

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