:Commission: SHARPEN by Sparkyopteryx

:Commission: SHARPEN


10 January 2017 at 13:10:21 MST

Commission for a friend, NeoGeen is complete! I wasn’t confident in tackling it at the latter half of last year so I had to sit on it a bit before getting the perfect idea. Executing it was tricky and I was basically groping in the dark during the coloring and rendering stage but I followed through and I couldn’t be happier with the result!

I gave her permission to do some digital post-processing it to turn it into a con badge, so she’ll have that version as well as the standalone traditional piece. Really gotta do more stuff like this in 2017.

Done on heavyweight sketch paper with Copic markers and multiliners, ballpoint, gel pen and colored pencil. 5’‘x7’’. Art is mine, character belongs to the commissioner NeoGeen

Tumblr link with a bunch of progress shots thrown in!

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Visual / Traditional


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    The thumb did not excite me, but as it was your work I had to see the whole thing big...wow! Very cool looking!

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      Yeah that happens sometimes where depending on how the art looks, the thumbnails look lackluster. I'm probably going to stop cropping at least half my submissions because of it. Thank you very much!

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        hey, you have such a unique style and I love your work, We need to do another trade sometime!

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          Yeah, for sure! I'm kind of bogged down with current work currently so I'm not taking on more work right now but in the near future, definitely.

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    Whoa, the colour and aesthetic here is stunning!

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    too cool, I love the surrealism of it!