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:Commission: Poison Skies album cover by Sparkyopteryx

:Commission: Poison Skies album cover


And this project is done as well! Commissioned by Kjorteo and DavidN to be used as a cover illustration for a CD they're collaborating on based off of Kjorteo's e-book The Afflicted. Which if you can remember that far back, some years ago I was also commissioned to illustrate portraits of each character as chapter headers.

Largest piece I've ever done to date, at 20'' at its longest. I have no idea how many hours this took. Done with Copic markers, multiliners and ballpoint.

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    Hi, it's me! This really is spectacular, and thanks for working so hard on it - it's really going to make the album :) Once I receive the physical copy I'll get it scanned (my wife works at a book design company, which is great for things like this) and send you a hires file.

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    I am blown away by how this turned out. I know we discussed this together and decided on the inks for characters/markers for the background combination specifically because of the eye-popping contrast that would make, but actually seeing it just amazes me how well that worked. It's perfect!

    This captures the mood of both my novel and the album splendidly. I know this was a huge order, but you truly pulled it off and David and I are both thrilled with it. Thank you so much!

    Is it all right if I repost this, by the way? (With all due credit and links, of course!) I know you just sent it as a collection (thank you!) but I personally like to have both. That's me, though, so feel free to say no if you feel the collection is sufficient.

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      (Sorry for the horribly delayed comment, I've had a backlog of obligations and I seemed to space replying to you). I'm incredibly happy you like it so much! Quite the undertaking for a commission but I'm glad I was given the opportunity (and great patience!) to tackle it.

      If you wish so and proper credit and link is given, go ahead!

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    I'm stumbling on words here, so I'm just gonna settle on "Wow."