Timely Intervention experiment by Sparkyopteryx

Timely Intervention experiment


24 August 2015 at 16:57:20 MDT

Some more rough work. I apologize for submitting more of this kind of stuff but lately that's pretty much all of what I've been doing. Everything is either practice, commissions or something is in progress. So I figure sharing anything instead of nothing at all is preferable!

Tried a different type of sketching as a better way to rough out all of these scenes in my head. The point here is more putting it on paper, trying to get some of the dynamism that I imagine and somewhat nail composition, that way I can either come back to it and make it into something far greater, or move on but be content that the idea is now a concrete thing instead of something I might up and forget.

There is indeed a story to this, but I'd prefer any finished piece that comes from this sketch to have it so you'll just have enjoy it without context for now!

Mean beefcake manticore Creyroos belongs to MisterMidnight while panicked little Virrg dragon Quinrothee belongs to me.

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    Delightful. I am curious to see what manifestation this sketch will fester, provided that you will continue it.
    I just love manticores, and you managed to portray their oddity flawlessly through this depiction of Rilvor's character.

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      I'd actually really like to continue with this one, I'm just deciding how I want to approach it: Either simply work more refined inks over the top of the actual sketch and see how this looks or transfer it onto entirely new paper and go from there.

      Creyroos is always a joy and terror to draw. On the one hand I love toothy monsters but drawing three rows of them is mildly unsettling sometimes.

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        Hopefully he's not French, for his kisses would be quite... stingy then.

        Joke's aside, I am eager to see how this will evolve!

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          Aha oh you.

          Honestly I'm trying to give myself more excuses just to draw more action scenes like this because I like drawing violence and tension, not going to lie.

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            Thinking more about this character I cannot help but think how much of a chore would be to brush all those teeth.
            Though, I think the real question would be: Does he brush his teeth, even?

            I can see why you must like drawing scenes of violence and tensions, as they portray these characters of yours and Rilvor's in lively, animated poses where they can exhibit their twisted splendour in its raw, unleashed form.
            I mean, just gazing over this grinning gentleman's facial expression, eyes, and intriguingly designed arms, and I am inspired this impression.

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    Oooh yay more manticore! This is looking very nice!