Vetch, a goblin of the blue persuasion. by Sparkyopteryx

Vetch, a goblin of the blue persuasion.


14 June 2015 at 13:36:19 MDT

I honestly couldn't wait to share this one once I finished it late last night (and I do mean late) since I'm ridiculously proud of it. A reference of one my Pathfinder PC Vetch, who has also been adapted and incorporated into my Alteir setting. It sort of goes both ways since the setting is not only being developed as a separate thing but also as a homebrew tabletop setting using modified Pathfinder rules as well.

I wanted to break away from this marker/pen routine that I've been doing since December of last year and try my hand at my colored pencil with graphite technique again. I adore how the coloring and details came out; I can even almost imagine it as an interior character illustration for a tabletop RPG book!

I nailed his self-assured smug expression perfectly. I think Vetch holds the title for largest ears as far as all of my characters go (even my Asura; Oort is displeased). Don't let his size and comical appearance fool you though: He's a competent kineticist psion that is adept at immolating, electrocuting or otherwise disposing of those that might threaten him with violence, although he has quite a ways to go before he reaches his true potential. I'll be adding more character relevant info when do a Character Page for him.

Done with Derwent Coloursoft pencils and graphite with ballpoint for the lettering.

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    I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

    I have told you on steam, and under a much more elaborated manner, but I want to tell you here as well: Exquisite and overtly finespun piece, Sparky!

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      Just couldn't resist posting that could you?

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    I think you nailed his colors perfectly, both on his outfit and his skin. If you'd have made him any lighter he might have looked like he was made out of candy or something. Not that an Ettin wouldn't think of him as candy anyway. But Tontia will give said Ettin a jawbreaker.

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      He takes great umbrage in being equated to snack food but he'll admit he seems to be considered tasty to multiple different kinds of monsters anyway...