Game Over: Duck Hunt Dog TF - Aftermath by SparkBolt3020

Game Over: Duck Hunt Dog TF - Aftermath


11 September 2017 at 14:12:01 MDT

Game: Duck Hunt
Character changed: Duck Hunt Shooter (OC of the character you play as in the games)
Method: Shoot the dog intentionally to the point where it gets annoyed by your actions
Link to Contest Journal:

So here the duck hunter himself has been transformed into another Duck Hunt dog, because if I was that dog and I kept getting shot at, I'd get pretty annoyed too XD. When I heard about the contest, I went straight to making a Duck Hunt based TF but my initial idea was turning the shooter into one of the ducks. However, after doing a few test sketches with some difficulty, I decided it would be much for fun for the shooter to become another DH Dog, forced into a new role as the one picking up the ducks instead of hunting them.

So after being a copy of the Duck Hunt dog for a little while, the ex-shooter has become a part of the game, a 2nd dog mechanic for the next time the game is played! He still hasn't quite got used to it yet...

Bonus piece to my entry to TF-TG-Contests on DA, thanks for the chance :D

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