A Rai-Rising Star - Raichu TF TG Pg 4/4 by SparkBolt3020

A Rai-Rising Star - Raichu TF TG Pg 4/4


7 July 2017 at 04:23:37 MDT

A cosplaying Verse the golden retriever is interested in trying some pokemon contests and luckily for her, she's run into a "volunteer" for her contest team. The new Raichu stands confused in front of her new audience, still new to her Raichu form. Verse hadn't give her time to adjust, she put the cosplay on the new Raichu and entered the Raichu in a contest - she's gonna have to get use to them, this is the first of many XD

Gonna upload one of these images a day for this sequence, trying a different approach XD