Brian Griffin TF by SparkBolt3020

Brian Griffin TF


7 July 2017 at 04:14:37 MDT

So this one, now this one has a story to it XD
Basically I don't get loads of art time to work on art these days, I usually work on it in the morning for a couple of hours or I stay up later to do some art while I have Family Guy episodes on. So a while back, I was doing some drawings and kinda got myself into a block that night. I had no idea what to draw and I was just getting stressed I couldn't think of anything. Instead of the normal drawing to the show, I just watched a few episodes, all of which mostly focused on Brian, the show's dog. It took about 3 episodes of it until I caught on I was watching a cartoon dog - and what do I draw? Cartoons and animals. Putting two and two together, the block was solved and I did this piece as that episode finished off.

So that was story time with Spark, thanks for reading this fox's random tale XD

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