Pikabucks - Collab with Gabriele1205 by SparkBolt3020

Pikabucks - Collab with Gabriele1205


7 July 2017 at 03:51:49 MDT

"Do you feel like enjoying a sweet coffee treat after work but find you just can't feel free from the normal day? Well behold, at Pikabucks, that's no longer a problem! With each coffee you purchase, you'll experience a quick transformation into a Pichu, the baby of the Pikachu line! Come on down, even the staff are in on the Pika-taastic transformation fun! So come on over to your local Pikabucks, where you see coffee, we say pika pi!"

So this is a collab I've been doing with Gabriele1205 on DA (http://gabriele1205.deviantart.com/) where we came up with the idea of a coffee shop that turns people into Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu. I honestly have no idea how we got to this looking back, we did a short rp around the Pichu brothers and also talked coffee once, the two ideas kinda crossed over :D So I made the Pikachu waitress on the left, the Raichu and the most-left Pichu and background, Gab made the Pikachu behind the counter, and the two Pichus in their seats. Really enjoyed making this one, without collaboration it's more difficult to make such big tf scenes XD
Always empty seats for new customers at Pikabucks, come on in! :D

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