after the cataclysm by spacerogue

after the cataclysm


27 June 2019 at 15:20:05 MDT

In the years after the event the world grew bitter and desolate, the invaders seemed happy to live their lives leaching off their victory regardless of the ruined state it was in, continuously killing it. What else would you expect from the beasts anyway ? The original inhabitants became scarce, and for how little people there where, they still preyed on each other so caution was advised.

A fun little thought I've been playing around with after consuming media like Stalker, Metro and the Road, was 'what if it all failed'.

I started to have a lot more fun with this scenario where they don't manage to hold off the invasion, Race still pulls off his move and creates a wave of mass destruction leading up to a complete mess of time and space which leaves room for very strange phenomena,it works pretty well with the creepy and freaky nature of the otherworld inhabitants. This 'post cataclysm Erthas' has brought back a lot of the fun I was missing in the recent years. Atm I don't have an ending but hey its a experiment so whatever.

This piece took a day too long because I just have no damn focus whatsoever but hey I'm happy to know I can still draw. Its also a collab between Clip and Paintstorm because Paintstorm has some of the most amazing cloud and grass brushes available, but Clip is still my main tool for inks and color.

Race looks kinda strange without his fancy white gettup and his makeshift legs tho, lol.

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