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Sweet cuddles by Spacedrake

Sweet cuddles


7 September 2020 at 20:33:33 MDT

A giftart for my good friend Cheebs of her gal Shu'la (the Aesthar drake on top/left) with my gal Eclipse (bottom/right) having a good cuddle, away from the boys and in a sunny patch.

Aesthar are my species

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    It's fun creating you own species, isn't it?

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      yeah, I have a few of them, I really enjoy conceptualizing and such

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        It's all about the inspiration... sometimes you come up with a tiny little detail that pops into your head, and everything explodes from that. Perhaps an image you saw years ago. Or a dream you had last night. And you get to bulld on... to play with... the possibilities.

        I can already see the two above are the same species, but they have individual physical details. And since they're both female, the differences aren't gender-related. So part of the fun is conceiving the reasons individuals differ... though for an artist, could be just for the visuals, to make two characters distinct.

        Very nice work, by the way, especially that scale pattern. Really pops out on Shu'la with the lighting.

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          thank ya! And yeah their species, Aestharii have a vast variety of scale coloration patterns [morphs] so while they may share similar head fans or feather plumage the body patterns on any 2 are never identical, much like snakes or lizards of earth.

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            I have something similar with my Nism. As a Created species, their kind started out as one thousand original pairs, each Bloodline Created as a brother/sister pair. Every Nism can trace their Bloodline down to the original Thousand Pairs, because certain physical details are passed from father/son and mother/daughter. So, no matter how mixed the blood, all Nism know their original Bloodline decent.