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Tiny Toe Toy Tiko by Sovrim

Tiny Toe Toy Tiko

Tiko perked up when there was a knock on the door. His bondmate would never knock so it had to be someone special dropping by! The ki’cha—a roughly three inch tall rodent—was always happy to see new people. If he could explore their body and make them feel good, so much the better! He scurried to the edge of the table to get a better look at whoever came in.

A lizard-like creature walked through the door. His skin glistened like a gemstone and, as he wasn’t wearing clothing, Tiko had a perfect view of every inch of the male’s body. “Hiiiii~” the critter said playfully. “I’m Mala! You wanted me to show you a good time?” He pushed the door closed with his tail, bounced across the room, and crouched by the table Tiko occupied. While this isn’t what either creature expected, it was hardly unwelcome. The variety is just part of the fun!

Mala’s language was unfamiliar to Tiko. He couldn’t understand what was being said but it still sounded like a good time. Tiko rose onto his hindpaws and squeaked cutely before placing his fully-padded forepaws on the lizard’s snout. Mala giggled in response and looked right at the rodent to try guess at his interests. What would a small, soft critter like that want…? Mala certainly had some ideas!

The lizard’s right hand slowly reached for the ki’cha. He moved gently and steadily. He didn’t wanna spook the small fluffball with sudden movements! Tiko glanced over at the soft palm of that green, humanoid hand and squeaked approvingly. He dropped to all fours and scampered towards it, eager to be picked up by someone warm. Both Mala’s flesh and Tiko’s fur were luxuriously soft; they’d been well cared for in their respective ways. “Oh my goodness you’re so fluffy!” Mala beamed. He gently nosed at the furry thing in his hand and giggled as Tiko’s fur tickled his nose.

Ki’cha have a natural tendency to groom and pamper larger creatures, especially unfamiliar species. Tiko gave into that urge and massaged Mala’s palm without any prompt. “Aww, you like giving me a rub?” He gently stroked the rodent’s head with his thumb. “You could rub these too~” Mala’s fingers wiggled to draw the micro’s attention. Tiko’s paws looked to be the perfect size to massage his fingers and, if that’s what he was into, why wouldn’t Mala allow him to enjoy that?

Over several minutes, Tiko rubbed Mala’s palm and each of his fingers. The extra warmth from the lizard’s body felt wonderful as it soaked into his fur. He finished with Mala’s thumb and hugged it like a body pillow, with his nose gently nuzzling into the fingertip. “If you like rubbing paws, I have something even better for ya…” Mala mused. He slowly lowered Tiko to the ground and gently dislodged him from his hand. He then stepped forward and lightly rubbed one of his feet across the ki’cha’s back. “Think you can handle these, lil guy?”

Despite the language barrier, Tiko got the idea. He rolled onto his back to start properly rubbing Mala’s soles and toes, similar to the treatment he’d given the lizard’s hand earlier. Mala occasionally pressed down just a little to repay the kindness, harmlessly squishing Tiko beneath him and letting the ki’cha enjoy that warmth and weight. No two squeezes were exactly the same; Mala kept adjusting where and how hard he pressed to make Tiko happiest, judging by the chitters and squeaks from below.

Once Tiko finished massaging the foot upon him, Mala showed another perk of his anatomy: His feet were very flexible and had opposable toes. He gently curled that toe and his sole against Tiko to pick the lil critter up. The lizard sat on the ground and smiled warmly to the creature below. “Having fun?” he asked, though Tiko’s happy look spoke for itself. “Then lemme give ya a treat…” The lizard presented his other sole to the ki’cha and let Tiko see just how smooth and soft it was. Mala then pressed his feet together just tightly enough to pin the small rodent between and surround him with that warmth. It was his turn to give a foot rub, even if he’d be rubbing with both feet to do it!

A blissful little squeak and a gentle lick was all Tiko could repay Mala with. It was absolutely relaxing for the micro. Tiko soon dozed off while Mala’s feet continued lightly rubbing back and forth around him. What a lovely place and way to take a nap… 💚

Tiny Toe Toy Tiko


Tiko’s idea of entertainment: Enjoying being underfoot. Of course the lizards can do that! Why wouldn’t he give a Ki’cha a good time? A commission for Startide. Thumbnail from this piece by SixSydes.

This is a rare piece of clean content from me. It's pure wholesome paw play silliness with a micro. 💚

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