The usual barely functional Millennial adult during the day, vampire by night. I work swing shifts at a casino where I thrive off the crushed dreams and tears of the overzealous gamblers while also trying to figure out how to throw my cards just right to punish players who think slamming their hands in anger on my table is acceptable behavior. I have dived into an array of different art media, but digital remains my strongest (I've done an array of traditional media from pencils to printmaking). Fantasy is the reigning supreme in terms of genre, creatures of fictional and non-fictional worlds are my subject matter (although I am slowly practicing human anatomy). I do occasionally produce literature in the form of 'short stories'.

I enjoy the ARPG-life although my free-time is pretty limited so I find it hard to devote myself to more than one. You'll find most of my gallery is very ARPG-orientated. I hope to change that up a bit down the road as I'm trying to put into motion ways to get my head-world, Albanar, out to the public via Patreon. I have a lot of things to flesh out first. Lots to prepare.

Animals are a big part of my life, if that wasn't obvious by my gallery, and I have an array of pets that serve as my fur-children. I hope to one day be able to breed a few species of reptiles (Crested Geckos, Abronia's, and Brazilian Rainbow Boas) and life-long goal of mine would be to own a really kick-ass pet store.

I'm a nice person, but very introverted. Don't ever be afraid to say hi, I'll always say hi back <3.

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Still Here

on 22 May 2020 at 23:33:55 MDT

I'm still here folks! I mainly just pop on to look at submissions and take a gander at anything new. I want to become more active in terms of submissions here and another site so expect artwork to be rollin'.

I plan to start work on my head-world. Really start flushing it out, get character sheets made and then work on opening up a Patreon so that I can continue to work on this world I've been sitting on since 2007.

I'm the most active on DA, but that's only because I'm part of an ARPG so most of my work on DA is related to that.

Still you can find me there and on FA too:

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