Water creature concept by Soreiya

Water creature concept


21 June 2013 at 03:14:48 MDT

Today is my birthday. Last year I made an effort to finish this drawing on the day before. This year I wasn't quite so lucky. I'm still having a hard time with finishing my new drawing... D:

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    Wow. That texture looks amazing and I love the design too <3

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      I really enjoy painting in SAI it blends colors pretty nicely. I don't think I have improved any since last year, but at least I probably haven't gotten any worse.

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        Augh I want to like SAI but mine sucks T AT

        I think it's cause I have an pirated version but I'm too poor to buy the actual version D:

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          I'm poor and can't afford to buy it either. There was a time that I tried to do commissions for it but I couldn't even make enough.... My pirated version doesn't give me any trouble. I will say that if I did have money I would buy the program because I do enjoy it. I feel a bit bad about stealing it.

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            I completely agree. I don't pirate things unless I need to, speaking of-do you still have the link where you got yours?

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              I do not have the original link seeing as it's from 2009, but I do still have all the installation files and such. So if you want I can upload it for you. I have both 1.0 and 1.1. I mainly use 1.0. The exception would be when I need to save a png file without a background.

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                That'd be awesome, thank you! ^^

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                  Alright I'll send you a note.