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Dream Weaver page 11 by Sonny

Dream Weaver page 11


12 March 2013 at 23:44:17 MDT

  1. Back where Dante and Jinx were, the tour was about to finish up as Jinx had been showing him one of the last areas of where he can go and do.

Seeing he could find his way around more better now Dante stopped and got his attention "Jinx?" Stopping also as he looked to him wondering what he was going to say he'd listen.

Dante asked him "Do you have to be getting back for the concert soon?" Jinx would reply "Well...Yeah but I can still show you around a little longer till then." Dante would then say "It's alright I have a better idea of how to get around now, thanks to you. It'd probably would be best if we part ways now."

  1. Not knowing what to say exactly Jinx would only say "O..Oh..Alright." Dante put his right palm on Jinx's left shoulder telling him before he'd go off on his own "I appreciated the help. It was nice meeting you." with that he'd continue on, alone.

There was something Jinx wanted to ask Dante before he'd be on his way, since he seemed to have some sort of medical problem. He hesitated to say something, wondering if he should leave him be or try to see if he'd really be okay on his own.

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