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Dream Weaver page 10 by Sonny

Dream Weaver page 10


12 March 2013 at 23:41:28 MDT

  1. Shizuka raised her left arm as she gently tapped Kanji on the back, though instead of getting his attention shes would see that he didn't respond to it. Instead she felt something rather solid he seemed to be wearing on his back under his long sleeved shirt that made her even more curious, wondering if he knew he was wearing weights the entire time.

  2. Reaching the roof, Kanji looked around seeing he was alone at the top. Closing the door behind him he would go near the fence as he reached into his pocket, pulling out binoculars. He'd then jump and grab hold of the top with his other hand as he'd pull himself up. He'd have trouble doing so for reasons he still did not know why. Finally getting to the top all he could conclude to was the thought (I need to exercise more..I must not be as fit as I thought I was.)

  3. Looking through the binoculars he started to see if he could spot anything looking around the city. Meanwhile back at the training room Shizuka got something to drink and sat on the bed across the room, relaxing at the moment as she thought to herself

    (It's lively around here. Though very loud at times, everyone looks under control.) "...Hmm.."

Since she had time to herself her mind wandered, she then started to think of how long its been since shes traveled alone, and now with some certain others, and Kanji who joined her in some of her travels. She noticed Kanji had been acting more friendly than usual. Communicating with her and doing a lot more activities than from before. Despite the random choices of what to do, she did see through his actions and knew that he wanted to be better acquainted with her. Though she already thought they both had already formed a friendship with each other during their time together since she was already comfortable with his presence.

With unusual strength within her tail she started to balance herself on top of it as continued her thought process as she looked to the side with her eyes taking a drink from her canned beverage. (I wonder if it's the way I am that makes him think I am still closed off. I suppose I should make sure. I want to express my gratitude for what he has done for me too.) Shizuka seemed to have a calm and neutral personality. It didn't look like she seemed hard to approach as well talk to as Kanji thought after all.

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