Fate is a Joke Pg 4 by SonikkuFan94 (critique requested)

Fate is a Joke Pg 4 (critique requested)


9 October 2019 at 13:03:48 MDT

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    Definitely interesting so far

    Completely understandable to use shortcuts for a background that's drawn repeatedly for comics (guilty of that myself), but it'll be a good idea to make sure anything a character interacting is believable. The red one (Sorry I don't know his name) climbing the fence is clearly not holding on it until the last panel. For example, on the third panel, we should be able to see his fingers wrapped around the fence. while the hand is positioned for that, the fence is overlayed on top. This gives off a spiderman effect instead.

    A similar thing mixed with a minor posing issue is also seen on the 4th panel. There isn't and visible bending from weight being applied to the fence. His foot (primarily the toes) would also be bent.

    That aside, the dialogue and expressions is nicely done. Showing motives while not outright stating it.

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      Thank you so much for the comment! It means a lot ^^

      As you can see, I'm not the greatest at drawing environments or backgrounds haha. The red one is called Ray. I can see what you mean about the fencing. I'll try to improve for future pages to make the fence not as two dimensional.

      Thanks again, and I hope to try and improve these things in future. I hope you enjoy it if you ever decide to read any further ^^