Raimundas Personality Sketch by SonikkuFan94

Raimundas Personality Sketch


9 February 2019 at 17:19:21 MST

I was playing about with Ray's expressions and personality. What kind of character is he?

He's quiet. Don't immediately think he's shy as he isn't. He keeps his distance from his "team" but will contribute with sarcastic remarks. Cruel sarcastic remarks that others' didn't want to hear from him. To people he cares about, his sarcasm is in a playful spirit.

By keeping quiet in the group, he has a straight and poker face, lost in thought. If a situation affects him deeply, he can become upset or hurt by it. He may have a cool and tough exterior, but inside, he is a sensitive soul. He doesn't show his sensitivity often unless it cuts him deeply.

He has a ferocious anger and is not to be taken lightly if you tick off this hybrid. His anger is not quick to come by.

In battle he's a good fighter, if not a bit messy. He has the skills to fight, but contains a lot of rookie mistakes that show he was never properly trained... or forgot past training on purpose.

He's not one who likes to be told what to do and will walk away, or try to.

When in love, he cares deeply about the one who keeps him going. He makes each day matter to his partner no matter the circumstance.

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