The New Normal - Issue One: Hiding - Page 1 by SonicSpirit

The New Normal - Issue One: Hiding - Page 1


28 March 2018 at 19:45:31 MDT

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Awwwwww man! I am so excited to finally being inside the actual story! This scene, though! Dude, just...Shine wearing a dress? This imagery of Shine wearing that dress is the entire reason I started writing the script fo this comic. It just opened up a pile of avenues for some half-baked story concepts I'd been kicking around and helped them all coalesce into this amazing pile of I don't even know. But whatever it is, there's a lot of it, and it all got kicked into gear by Shine in a purple and pink dress. That really kinda looks like a robe on him. Ah well. I don't care!

So yeah, we did a bit of a time skip. Time skips are useful when you need to skip time. I had considered trying to write the whole process of how we got to this point, but...I would've drowned in that heavy suffocating process. Better to neatly hop over to the part where the story actually starts happening, and address relevant scenes later in flashbacks, because no one said you have to tell a story in a completely linear fashion. We won't be jumping around a ton. None, in this issue, but it's a thing that will probably occur. So strap in!

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    He can talk again! Or can only certain people understand him?

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      Sorta! He's using a form of one-way telepathy. It would totally be possible for someone to block out his projections.