The New Normal - Prologue Page 5 by SonicSpirit

The New Normal - Prologue Page 5


7 March 2018 at 20:24:45 MST

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And thus the Fancy Man escapes to a future storyline, driving off into the misty poorly defined mid-afternoon. Can't all ride off into sunsets, I guess.

Shine's horn is growing faster than I expected. Oops. I mean, THIS IS TOTALLY PLANNED AND I AM AWESOME AT ALL THE THINGS. I'm totally not sliding his form closer to his alicorn self because I'm impatient and having trouble keeping things consistent. Totally. Also I totally didn't script this whole, "And then Shine hasta start running around on all fours and just rolls with it, future me can figure out the logistics," bit without really figuring out the logistics. Heh, ah well.

And because I mentioned it last page, I ended up bringing Carmen, the dog, back. I have some PTSD from working as a dog groomer I hadn't sorted as well as I thought, and...yeah, I can't have a dog. It wasn't horrifically awful, wasn't good, either. I don't want to be flippant about this, but I don't really want to delve into all the baggage either. I thought I was ready to have a dog. I was not. I will never bait and switch an animal with that sort of, "JK, you don't have a home with me after all," again. Also, I won't ever be getting a dog again.

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