Anything But Ordinary, Ch 1 Pg 36 by SonicSpirit

Anything But Ordinary, Ch 1 Pg 36


24 July 2016 at 23:28:20 MDT

Ki? Ki, just a heads up, but people are getting pretty fed up with your shit, you may want to...

...Oh, okay. Just, yanno, trying to warn you here.

She's doomed.

Yay, panel! I SHOULD'VE DONE SO MANY THINGS DIFFERENT IN THIS STARTING WITH STARTING SOONER YAY. Um...yeah. Also Autodesk caught me, dead to rights. I am indeed no longer a student. Therefore no more free 3DS Max, and I don't have $1400 to spend a year on software so--wait, Maya's cheaper? GUESS I'MUNNA LOOK AT LEARNING MAYA. I also downloaded Blender, but I haven't touched it yet, and learning a new software when you barely know another one is always a pain in the ass. And seriously, what the fuck is with Sketchup. WHY DO YOU WORK THIS WAY? WHATEVER HAPPENED TO STANDARD PRIMATIVES? Apparently we can't haz them. I dunno. But Maya is also Autodesk, and it should be a good software for me to learn anyway, so I'll give that a spin. Chaos, so many softwares. So many projects.

But hey, if I can at least keep from building the Thorndyke living room twice that'll be neat. Yeah. Fun fact: To save time and effort on backgrounds, I built the Throrndyke living room in 3D to work as my "sketch" of the thing. I'MUNNA SQUEEZE EVERY OUNCE OF USEFULNESS OUTTA THIS DEGREE I CAN! And also couches are surprisingly evil.

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